Mary-Catherine; Mary, for short, please. 19 years young. I am a Sophomore in college, studying Environmental Studies and maybe a little Biology because why the heck not. I love experiencing nature and learning about animals.

If you have any questions, ASK! :D



I want the cantaloupe bowl so badly oh my goodness imagine eating cantaloupe from that bowl

omg I need all of these where are they from

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I’m craving netflix/cuddle time that transforms into really rough sex.

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if someone has a fucking phobia of something don’t be an asshole and play with their fear for your own amusement

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ok followers lets write a story. ill start: a young man stands in his bedroom

jackin it

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Douglas AdamsThe Salmon of Doubt (via feellng)

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I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.


Told this girl to text me when she got home… I think she homeless

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